Eminent Domain

Condemning Authority Representation

Our firm has a long track record of providing cost-effective legal service to condemning authorities throughout the State of Florida. Our eminent domain attorneys work hand-in-hand with our real estate and land use lawyers, giving our clients an unsurpassed breadth and depth of representation. Our firm is uniquely qualified to serve as condemnation counsel to both public and private condemners.

Our team has extensive experience representing major public utilities, as well as county and municipal governments. Having procured so many parcels, our team has experience acquiring property with a wide range of uses, and for a variety of purposes. In addition to condemning fee simple interests, we have dealt with condemnation of special purpose easements, condemnation of riparian rights, and condemnation of airspace for avigation.

Property Owner Representation

We assist our property owner clients facing eminent domain in pre-condemnation planning, selecting and coordinating expert witnesses, negotiating with condemning authorities, and litigating those cases where negotiations will not achieve a satisfactory result for our clients. We also represent provide property rights representation for situations where a property is taken outside the protections of eminent domain.